New Cannondale F-Si Replaces the F series Carbon Frames

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New Cannondale F-Si


Cannondale has unveiled the new F-SI. It is a model intended for racing and XC trail riding, the successor of Flash 29er.  The name is easily explained: F is for Flash, while Si is System Integration. Designed by German engineer Peter Denk. Through integrated solutions related to the original frame, fork, seatpost, crankset and stem,  Cannondale has created a "new"  29" wheel, very light and yet extremely stiff and strong. The stated purpose by Denk, who had never been a big fan of diameter 29", was to combine the agility of the 26" traction and stability of the 29". At the end of the project, the same Denk said he believes that it is the only format for the hardtail wheels that makes sense in 29 inches.


Cannondale, keeping in mind the modern XC World Cup tracks, often technical and steep, wanted to create a faster bike, especially downhill, and at the same time for fast uphill sprint, but with a lot of traction.


Screen Shot 30.05.2014 at 05:18:28

Steering angle: 69.5 °, fork offset from 55mm (previously 45mm). The offset has been changed to increase the stability in the fast and make it similar to that of a 26 ".

Lefty 2.0

To do this the Lefty has been changed, which presents a new structure more rigid oversized, is more sensitive to small bumps, has a larger air chamber in order to avoid the sinking on steep or braking, and has a flow of Oil optimized for a better response to the impacts on medium-high speed. The adjustment of the rebound has a wider range, while the compression at low speed remains unchanged.


At the structural level, the space between the mounting yokes now varies depending on the size of the frame.  Also the hub is a new design, it is wider to increase the tension and stiffness wheel.




The new seat post is called Save 2, it's 50 grams lighter than its predecessor and offers a 20% greater flexibility. Its damping curve (if you can call it that) is more linear. The Bend in the post gives an offset to the saddle in tune with the geometry of the bike.




As per tradition with Cannondale, the frame is in ballistic carbon fiber, used for its rigidity and impact resistance, the frame also has Cannondale Speed ​​Save stays. Frame Weight size M: 1.022 grams

Rear Triangle

Screen Shot 30.05.2014 at 05:36:16

The new frame has some of the shortest Stays on the 29" market, at 429mm.

1) Asymetrical rear triangle with 6mm offset. The hub centre is moved 6mm to the right, and as a result the tension of the spokes and their length is identical, so the camber of the wheel is symmetrical. Giving a wheel which is 11% more rigid.

Screen Shot 30.05.2014 at 05:37:52

2) Crank 6mm moved to the right with a new Hollowgram spider with 6mm offset. On this spider can be mounted both single  as the SRAM XX1,or double front derailleur.

This means that the rider's weight is more centred on the rear wheel giving the most traction, and at the same time it is easier to lift the front wheel and the bike is agile.

 The F-SI has the QR because it is faster when changing wheel



The range

These are the 4 models of F-SI that you will find on the market as of September 2014. Warning that prices are indicative and not the list!


The F-29 Carbon Black Edition (Di2): € 9.999 
on the new Shimano Di2!


The F-29 Carbon Team: € 6.999


The F-29 Carbon 1: € 5.299


The F-29 Carbon 2 € 4.499


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