Cannondale Hanger KF051


Hanger fits:

  • 2011 TANDEMS
  • 2011 ADVENTURE 2-3
  • F-Series
  • GEMINI (QR) 2005 and up 
  • Furio
  • Verso 
  • Optimo
  • RIZE, RZ 140, RZ 120
  • Rush
  • SCALPEL 68
  • Prophet, ProphetSL 
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Jekyll 05
  • Chase
  • Tandems
  • (if in doubt contact us.)

    Essential spare for long rides or holidays, as you dont want to be caught out with a damaged hanger and no gears when you are miles from home.


    Please note that the Black Hanger option are as you would find them on an original bike.  The silver hangers are supplied by Cannondale UK, but are aftermarket CNC machined to the same design and sizing.

    Cannondale Hanger KF051
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    • Cannondale Hanger KF051
    • Cannondale Hanger KF051