Cannondale Lefty PBR Alloy

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With the New Hybrid design, Cannondale took the Lightest, stiffest, strongest smoothest fork and redesigned it to make it even better. With Cannondale's  hybrid needle-bearing technology, the suspension is able to move freely even under the hardest braking, impact, and steering forces, the wheel is able to track then ground with maximum control.

The races are now self resetting and the inner and outer legs are kept lubricated by the lower oil bath system. This means less maintenance. The new sealed hybrid bearing system is so robust that it requires around half the regular maintenance of the competition. With its long service intervals and completely replaceable wear-parts, you'll spend less time and money servicing, and more time riding.




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Cannondale Lefty PBR Alloy
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  • Cannondale Lefty PBR Alloy